White & Black ESCAPE ROOM

This is the most played live escape game in Spain, the one that everyone talks about. Thousands of teams from all over Spain and abroad have already played it.

Only availeable at MADRID GRAN VÍA facilities

Will you manage
to escape from the room
in time?

We will lock you in a room full of mysteries, which will make you feel like in another era, as if you were inside a movie like the Da Vinci Code or a thriller or detective novel?

Frequently Asked Questions

We consider it an initiation game, suitable for all types of players, whatever their experience.

Of course, you can play with your children, or they can play by themselves, with the help of our Game Master at all times.

We have already had several couples who have come with their baby. We recommend carrying him in a baby carrier or similar.


from 2 to 6 peopole


60 minutes


€55 per team

Online booking

Only availeable at MADRID GRAN VÍA facilities

We have 2 rooms exactly the same with this game. It doesn’t matter which one you book because they are totally the same. The only difference is that they are available at different times, with 15 minutes difference between them. If you are 2 groups, you can book both rooms at similar times (only 15 minutes difference) to compete and see which group does better.